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Daniel Bishop is the middle child of John and Maggie Bishop. he has two siblings Luke who is older by 3 years and Lily who is younger by 7 years. He worked at the Florida State University Police Department and was the Deputy Chief of the Los Santos Police Department. He was also the Director of the San Andreas State Police.


Prior to moving to San Andreas In September of 2018 Daniel Bishop worked for the Florida State University Police Department.

The First Go[]

Prior to Academy Bishop became close friends with fellow recruits Allie Savage and Wesley Thorne the three were often seen together on daily runs and workouts prior to academy.

On October 21st 2018 Bishop passed the San Andreas Police Academy and became a cadet for the San Andreas State Police.

Leave of Absence[]

Around December 2018 Bishop had to take a leave of absence and was unable to Complete his Cadet stage training.

As of July 1st, the San Andreas State Police has split into three separate departments, causing all former troopers to be reassigned to different departments.

The Return[]

Bishop returned to the city shortly after the department split However due to his leave of absence Bishop was required to go though the San Andreas Police Academy once again for retraining. On July 21st 2019 Bishop went through academy for the second time. A week later He took the test and Passed becoming a cadet for the Los Santos Police Department.

The Birth of a Family[]

Fairly early in his career Bishop met Emma Amato and Chloe Grenwrick who started to call him Dad this odd relationship became a seed to a bizarre Family. Bishop eventually moved in with Medic Charlie Bird as friends and roommates, but this soon evolved into more. Bird and Bishop often now hang out with fellow cop medic duo Monika Parker and Jay Parker.

In January of 2020, Bishop was also given the K9 unit Cooper to care for due to Geoffrey Kregdale's extended absence from the force leaving Cooper stuck in the police kennels.


As Bishop and Bird Careers progressed their time together grew shorter and shorter causing them to fall apart. As of July 20th 2020, the two decided to mutually split and remain just friends. They sold their house they owned together and each bought new homes.

The Huntress[]

Shortly After the reformation of the San Andreas State Police a strange case fell into Bishops lap multiple locations with feathers, notes, and needles attached to the name The Huntress. During this investigation Bishop along with Sydney Bauer found two bodies and learned the killers true identity as Dr. Vanessa Shajara'Amin a former therapist who had recently lost her family to one of the victims. After confronting the Doctor at the El Gordo lighthouse Bishop learned her story and apprehended her before she could take her own life. Everything was fine and dandy for a bit until she served her sentence and was released. Soon after the Doctor was released she continued were she had left off however this time she was well aware of Bishop and made sure he knew it. The Doctor Called both Bishop and Bauer playing a game with them letting them know that there would be 3 more victims giving names as rewards. After Bishop failed to save two of the people that the doctor killed Bishop, Bauer and the Doctor ended up at the El Gordo Lighthouse once more were the Doctor informed Bishop that the third victim would be arriving in a few hours. After a long talk with the doctor Bishop noticed she was starting to look unwell and proceeded to apprehend her where she revealed she was the third and final victim having injected herself with a deadly Toxin. Bishop brought her to Pillbox Hill Medical Center where she died leaving Bishop Tired and angry.


On August 15th 2020 Bishop got into a shootout with Kiana Sanders where he downed her and out of anger preceded to continue shooting after she was downed saying,

""Just making sure Bitch!""
―Daniel Bishop — Listen (file info)

This resulted in a 5 day suspension until a decision was made. However before the decision was made that would have resulted in his firing Bishop took matters into his own hands and quit. After quitting the force Bishop Moved to Liberty City to be closer to his sister Lillian Bishop and take a new job out there that didn't mind his transgression and excessive use of force.


  • October 21st 2018 Bishop passed the San Andreas Police Academy for the first time and became a cadet for the San Andreas State Police.
  • July 21st 2019 Bishop went through academy for the second time. A week later He took the test and Passed becoming a cadet for the Los Santos Police Department
  • October 4th 2019 Bishop was promoted to a full Officer.
  • November 30th 2019, Bishop was Promoted to Officer II.
  • January 12th 2020, Bishop became a Officer III
  • February 1st 2020, Bishop was once again Promoted to Sergeant
  • February 23rd 2020, Bishop was given a command position within the LSPD and was Promoted to a Lieutenant.
  • On April 6th 2020, Bishop was Promoted to a Captain within the LSPD.
  • May 6th 2020, Bishop was Promoted to the Deputy Chief the LSPD.
  • On July 16th 2020, it was announced that Bishop will be the Director of the newly reformed San Andreas State Police.
  • On July 26th 2020, Bishop was Officially made the Director of the SASP and the head of the Detectives Division.
  • As of August 19th 2020, Bishop Left the force before he was to be fired due to use of excessive force on Kiana Sanders.

Interesting Factoids[]

  • Fan of Harry Potter
  • Father and Grandfather were Both Police Officers
  • Prefers dogs over cats
  • Likes Older Classic Style Cars
  • His Sister Lily designed his Bishop sticker
  • Has Congenital insensitivity to pain (CIP)
    • Likely caused by abuse from his father.
    • Doesn't like Pain meds they don't do anything for him

Played By: Runwyld
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