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Daniel 'Dan' Ding is Bill Ding's nephew. He is from a small fishing village called Tien Sa in Danang, Vietnam. Though he is from Vietnam he has no accent and does not speak Vietnamese.

Character Background[]

He is currently in Los Santos on a quest to find out what happened to his uncle Bill Ding who unbeknown to Daniel, was one of Richard Oakes' victims.

He became aware of Bill's disappearance after his mother started receiving threatening messages from the taxi company which employed him. They claimed that Bill had never returned one of their cabs and they would sue her for every dime she is worth if not reimbursed for its value.

Daniel was raised by his mother and Bill from the age of 4 when his father died of a brain aneurysm while tying up his fishing boat in Tien Sa. This made them close so Daniel is very invested in finding his Uncle.

He is an Olympic level competitor in 50m free pistol shooting with a 22 caliber pistol. When he is not getting money from competitions and sponsorships he acts as a close quarter combat instructor for room clearing and quick draw pistol shooting for a small Vietnamese mercenary group called The Red Snakes.

Daniel is a very shy and has Tourette Syndrome character traits which are exacerbated when he is nervous. These tics include a vocal tic where he makes a clicking noise and a tremor in his left hand. Though these tics sound like they would interfere with his shooting career they do not as the rest of the world seems to fade away when a gun is in his hand.