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Dante Wolf is a fledgling criminal who runs with a variety of people and is looking to link up with some of the bigger organizations of Los Santos. He currently works at Irvines 'Auto Emporium.


Helicopter Theft

On April 14th, 2018 Dante stole a helicopter from an unknown location and piloted it around the city for an extended period of time. At some point, Lt. Mike Bayo noticed the helicopter following them on chases and flying very low in the city. He had Cadet Ayda Clarke send a tweet out warning the helicopter to land or face lethal force. Bayo eventually got in a police helicopter and chased Dante down until Dante ended up crashing the helicopter underneath La Puerta freeway. Miraculously, Dante was saved from the burning helicopter by ground units and survived after being taken to the hospital. He decided to apply for a job at Irvines 'Auto Emporium, and is currently working there and trying to change his life from the criminal world.