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Darius Beck is a non-conformist punk rocker, environmentalist, son of CEO's of a major corporation, young adult from Liberty City who moved to Los Santos to make it on his own and spread anarchy.


Darius was born with a silver spoon and was living the good life in Liberty City under his parent's multi-million dollar home. He had it all except for the love of his parents. Darius was never good enough for his parents due to his eclectic style and philosophy on life. As soon as he turned 18 he stole a ton of money from his mom and flew out to Los Santos where he would start a new and exciting life.

Arriving in Los Santos Darius had nowhere to go but quickly made some friends. The friends he made were just as crazy as he was and quickly got himself into fits of crime, binging alcohol, and doing whatever drug he can get his hands on. He was always ready and down to party! Unfortunately, he got caught a lot, ending up in jail several times which eventually made him lose all his money. Darius decided to calm down on all the crime, drugs, and alcohol but before he did he wanted to have one final crazy stunt. The perfect opportunity arose when a bunch of people decided that they would run into Fort Zancudo to see them Aliens! Darius joined in, meeting with the crowd, and ran in with a ton of others. He ended up going pretty far into the base, dodging bullets, until a tank decided to shoot at him. The tank luckily missed but shot close enough to send him flying, leaving him with severe burns, broken ribs, and a fractured skull.

Darius ended up in the medical center of the prison for months. After his parents demand him to go back to Liberty City. Feeling like he had nowhere else to go, he went back home with his parents. As soon as he arrives back home in Liberty City they grabbed him and unwillingly put him in a psychiatric ward. After several months, he was let out, deemed to no longer be a threat to himself or others. A changed man, yet still resenting his parents for doing what they did, Darius decided to start over again once again in Los Santos.

Darius is now back in Los Santos, broke, with his old friends nowhere to be found to help him. No longer as wild as before yet somehow he still seems to find himself in trouble or bad situations. For now, he sleeps wherever he can and spends his days mostly looking for handouts from people to help him get by.