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Darla Fawkes was a hopeful applicant to the San Andreas State Police.


Darla was shipped around as a kid, never really feeling wanted or loved. That turned her into one tough cookie (on the outside, at least). In the past, she could be very needy when it comes to attention and acceptance, since she rarely got that as a child, but she has improved since cleaning up her life. She had a hair trigger, as that was the life she was conditioned to live. Once you get past her sometimes intimidating exterior, she can be a true sweetheart. While Darla may be bad with names, she will never forget who hurts her. She always tries to control the situation and be dominant (since she couldn't control her life before). Before she changed her ways, she didn't care if people loved or hated her, as long as they were thinking about her.

Darla started off as a stripper, which was very profitable for her. She made money and got the attention she was lacking as a child. Darla got sick of where she was and moved to another city, where she continued dancing, but grew tired of it. Dancing was all she had ever done and wasn't sure where to go next. She befriended an officer in the city she moved to and he encouraged her to join the force. She applied and was accepted into the cadet program. Darla had found her true calling and seemed almost like a completely different person. She excelled in the force and quickly rose in the ranks. She was offered a high-ranking position in another city, where she moved and found what she thought was the love of her life. Darla and Commissioner Otis Driftwood had a fairy tale romance and a big wedding, but the honeymoon couldn't last forever. Eventually Driftwood had a mid-life crisis and took off to hunt birds in Antarctica, leaving Darla and the city behind. Darla bounced back and continued to work as she had always done, but the city reminded her too much of the love she once shared with Driftwood. She focused on her work, her R8, and her '68 Camaro SS, but it couldn't erase what happened. Darla turned in her resignation and packed a small bag, leaving her city behind.

Darla came to Los Santos eager to join the force again, and felt restless without a purpose. She anxiously awaited a direction for her new life.