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Darlene is from Georgia, where she grew up on a farm with her parents. Her mother was a seamstress, her father a mechanic. She was also very close with her aunt (a paramedic) and her uncle (a firefighter). Darlene had a lot of experience both on the farm with animals and working on cars with her father, but her dream was to be a paramedic like her aunt.

Los Santos[]

Darlene decided to move after the passing of her uncle in the line of duty. She came to the city bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. She was eager to work and eager to learn. She started off working at Big Boi Customs, where she met her future fiance, Craig Howard. Unfortunately Darlene could not continue to work at BBC because it was plagued with explosions. She started working at Bahama Mamas part time and decided to start her own business with the financial help of Trooper Thomas. She started Darlene Delivers, a delivery service that she runs from her pink Chevy Express.

Darlene's relationship with Craig was sunshine and rainbows until he was committed to Parsons for paranoid schizophrenia. The changes in Craig began to take a toll on Darlene, where she fell into a deep depression that she tried to keep hidden. On January 7, 2019, Darlene began to tell Craig how she was feeling, which lead to him leaving her. She received a text saying Craig was on top of a crane, so she ran to him to make sure nothing happened. Both Craig and Darlene fell from the crane and were rushed immediately to the hospital. Darlene suffered internal bleeding but came out of surgery and was conscious. Some time through the night, her heart stopped. Doctors were able to bring her back, but it was a close call.


On January 13, 2019, while accompanying her fiance Craig Howard to the Luxury Motorsports, Craig shot Darlene in the left eye at point blank range. Her last words were "Just shoot me Craig, put me out of my fucking misery." When Craig asked her to clarify as he drew his sidearm, she replied in the positive which resulted in him promptly shooting her. It can likely be assumed that Darlene was bluffing and Craig did not have the mental stability to realize this fact.

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