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"PR0laps records, blow it out ya ass." ―Darnell Jackson


Darnell is an up and coming rapper, and ex child star, working under the PR0laps record label. The name PROlaps was taken, so the label had to substitute a '0' for the 'O'. His freestyles always inevitably fall off track when he accidentally says something homosexual, which he claims is due to nervousness.

As a child star, Darnell rose to fame on the hit 80's sitcom, "That's Just How It Goes." Initially just an extra, Darnell's character soon gained such popularity that he became the shows stand out character. "That's Just How it Goes," was cancelled after a freak accident on set which resulted in the death of most of the original cast, and crew. Recently, Darnell and a number of other child actors from the show have attempted a reboot under the management of Vinewood executive producer Benny Gorsh.