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Dash Armstrong, the self-proclaimed "fastest man alive", is a member of the Bolingbroke Four who infamously escaped prison and attempted to murder Gunnar Mason.


On March 8th 2018, Dash was involved in the escape from Bolingbroke Penitentiary along with the other three members of the Bolingbroke Four: Boris Nightly, Rusty Dawns, and Leroy Campbell. While Boris held Mason hostage, Dash shot down Medic Zachary Grendel, who would eventually pass away later that night.

Dash was eventually caught and imprisoned for a very long time on July 3rd after a car chase ended poorly.

At the end of May 2019, Dash took Senior Paramedic McLeod hostage at Pillbox Medical Center with an AKSU-74 compact rifle. After releasing McLeod, he fled the scene and was chased by Trooper Dazzler and Trooper Blackwell to Lower Pillbox, along the start of Los Santos Freeway and up the top of the hill on Elgin Avenue off the Del Perro/Los Santos Freeway Interchange, where he was shot in the face by Dazzler.