Introduction Edit

Dave Choi works as security for The Phoenix Corporation.

Biography Edit

Dave was born in south Korea to both his parents. In his years growing up he moved around a lot all over Europe. At the age of 19 Dave and his family lived in Copenhagen, Denmark and his parents wanted to move back to Korea. Dave always wanted to move to America so after a huge argument with his parents they split and Dave moved to America and lost contact with his parents as they moved back to Korea. He lived in Washington DC for 10 years, working part time for Fedex before moving to Los Santos.

When Dave moved to Los Santos he wanted to start a new life and meet new people. He likes driving tuner cars and do street racing. But the tickets started to pile up due to him driving recklessly and he had to find a job. He meet Jeffrey Connors and Winter Springs one day and asked if they have any work. They set up an interview for Dave with the head of security Ying Saren to work as a security agent for The Phoenix Corporation. Dave got the job and usually works as the door man at various clubs around the city for Phoenix Security.

He still works for The Phoenix Corporation to this day.

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