"Ride or die, brother."

Introduction Edit

Death Dealers MC, also known as DD, are a motorcycle club founded by President Walter White.

Biography Edit

The Death Dealers are run by President Jeremy Omen. The old version of the club used to run out of Grapeseed and Paleto often working with members of law enforcement. The new version of the club operates in Sandy Shores and claims the entire Blaine County as territory. Since its reformation, the club has adhered to more stringent 1% outlaw club ideals and practices.

Feud with Grove Street Edit

The feud began with The Grove Street Family because Grove believed that members of Death Dealers were riding around their hood, though there is no proof as of yet. This escalated in Walter White dressing as a Vago, driving a truck, and attempting to run down and shoot up the chop shop, which is run by Grove and other gangs, and other known associates.

Grove responded with Jack Jackson shooting Death Dealers Vice-President Eddy Black with a shotgun to the chest, he survived. This eventually escalated to Jack & Grove heading up to Sandy Shores and shooting Hooch, another Death Dealer & Dragon. The feud has Concluded

The Lost MC Edit

Death Dealers started helping The Lost MC because of the weed farm, The Lost President Dragon and the rest of the MC went inactive apart from a few members, this helped the two become affiliates.

Former Members Edit

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