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Dennis Templeton was a socially-awkward man with a hyper fixation towards women.


Murder of Violet Jones[]

On November 13th, 2017 while riding down the highway on her bike, Violet Jones noticed Dennis following her. Dennis hits Violet on 'accident'. Violet asks if he called the ambulance and he replies yes, but after a while with no EMS, she starts asking again. Dennis replies saying that he would get her there faster then pulls a shotgun on her and says "Get in the car Violet, I don't want to hurt you". Once they arrive at an unknown factory he tells her to follow him. Dennis brings her into the elevator and they talk for a bit while Violet tries to convince him not to kill her. Dennis eventually shoots Violet point blank in the head.

After exiting the building, Dennis accidentally aggravated the surrounding locals and was killed while trying to escape the scene. He died while police had him in their custody.