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Dequan Mathis, better known as Q, was a generally soft-spoken, and polite man, though he was prone to loud outbursts of angry shouting when speaking of something he was passionate about.


Dequan was known throughout Los Santos as the face of The Grove Street Collective. He was constantly patrolling the streets of the Southside, selling weed, and making deals with gangs in the name of the G$C. Despite his typically friendly demeanor, he can become vocal and angry when slighted or irritated and is quick to draw a gun. Aside from Jack Jackson himself, Dequan is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of G$C.

Isabelle Knight[]

Dequan, though not having a hand in the attempted murder of Isabelle Knight, was one of the first people she was introduced to coming into the city. By the request of Mav Doretto, he supplied her with meth to fuel her addiction. This continued until the point where Isabelle had a nearly complete dependency on Dequan, causing her to become too casual and friendly with him. After slipping up and calling Dequan by his real name instead of a nickname he gave her, he snapped at her and cut off all communications, leaving her desperate and without a meth dealer. Since then, Dequan has had no further experiences selling meth.

The Grove Street Collective[]

Dequan was born and raised in the Chamberlain Hills. His father George Thurgood was an OG with the families so Dequan grew up around the lifestyle of hustling and general street life. Dequan left the south side and moved north to sandy shores to escape city life but eventually returned in early November 2017 and got an apartment in the Crystal Heights complex. Whilst getting readjusted to the area Dequan was approached by Jack Jackson who was curious about what he was doing there. After finding out that Dequan was originally from the neighborhood and seeing potential in him, Jack gave Dequan the opportunity to 'put in some work'. Dequan jumped at the chance to make money and accepted his offer. This was also around the time that the 'public' meth lab in sandy shores was going to be shut down for good and the distribution of methamphetamine would become the responsibility of James O'Reilley. Jack knew this would drastically increase the price of Meth on the streets and saw that things were about to change and that he needed more manpower to help keep control of his territories.


Dequan was taken out to a meeting by Jack Jackson with Bob Coolidge on July 16th, 2018 and shot with a sawed-off shotgun after a short outburst of anger against Jack. He was presumed dead on scene.