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Diego Lopez is a 22 year old native resident to Jamestown. Due to being incarcerated for a number of years he was gone from JT. He is currently working to rebuild the Vagos under a new banner.


Diego Lopez was born in Jamestown to Guadalupe and Antonio Lopez. His story is not unlike countless others born and raised on the south side of Los Santos. Due to an incarcerated father, and working mother, he found himself surrounded by the gang life at an early age.

However, he never quite felt the pull to throw himself fully into the gang life until he was arrested for being present for a murder committed by his "primo" (cousin), where he failed to report the crime, along with refusing to snitch on his family. He spent a short time in prison but the "rep" he gained was enough to attract more positive attention from the Vagos.

When Diego was 17 he was a hang around to the Vagos, was beyond eager to prove himself, and earn his colors.

Late one evening, he was picked up by three blooded Vagos in a sedan and they drove through the streets towards the east side. He was handed a gun and told that, when instructed, he was to stick the gun through the window and start blasting.

Before he knew it, they were slowly rolling up Fudge Lane and within a few moments they were laying into a few houses and groups of Marabunta Grande on the street. Diego didn’t hesitate, he unloaded the entire mag and remembered screaming “VAGOS POR VIDA, PUTAS!” They fled the scene Diego quietly ditched his now empty piece out the window. Within a few hours they were all arrested due to eyewitness statements and rapid police response. He ended up taking a plea deal that did try him as an adult, but as an accomplice and accessory. He received 8 years.

After some time In prison he was blooded in by the prison set of Vagos incarcerated there. It was in prison that he was forged as a Vago. He learned real quick that he must always be on high alert, he must always have complete control of not only himself but his immediate surroundings and he could never let his guard down, or else he was dead. He got into countless altercations and almost earned additional charges but evaded them thanks to a scape goat.

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After years in prison, and time away from the southside, he is back and slowly gathering fellow Vagos who were forced into hiding, or obscurity, by the other factions in the city. Determined to start fresh, he is making it known that these Vagos ARE NOT those that came before. This is new. This is Sureños Vagos.




After a direct run in with who could only be assumed was Grove Street, Diego laid low for a time. After roughly 3 months, he threw the Vagos flag back on, and began seeking allies and sources of income. Within a several day period, Diego linked up with fellow Vagos members: Ramiro, Raul, and Rafael, whilst hearing word of Miguel, as well. They were all blooded in from various paths within the gang. The four quickly made yellow a common sight around the entire state, not just Jamestown. With the help of newfound allies: Marlow Hargrove (of the Fontanas), Tyrell Woods, and Rae DePaynter, they found themselves with access to whatever they needed to begin rebuilding and hopefully prosper.

Played By: NeonGeek_
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