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Dimitri Barkov is a nightclub owner in Los Santos. Although born in Russia he is often being confused as a Frenchmen due to his accent.


Born in Russia, Barkov immediately decided to chase his dreams. He decided to move to Los Santos, United States. It was soon until he came across several law enforcement officers due to his driving ability. 

Barkov soon found out about his biological father, which was revealed to be Reginald Bigglesby

Barkov soon met Nino Chavez after requesting for a taxi. They soon connected with each other. Later on, Barkov was one of Chavez’s first hire for Wetworks Consultancy. After being part of Wetworks’ promotion team for a long time, Barkov decided to follow his ambitions.   

His first mark was the purchase of Bahama Mamas. The nightclub was soon rebranded to Bahama Barkov, after the initial opening it was the most visited nightclub in Los Santos. It was considered as one of WetWorks’ most successful promotions till this date.   

On April 27th, 2018, Dimitri took his girlfriend Tuesday Phillips to deal with a Vagos girl named Felicia Walker who had been causing trouble and to possibly get money off of her. They ended up taking her to an abandoned warehouse, then pointed her to the back of Dimitri's car. He chopped the girl with his battle axe, but accidentally swung too far and hit Tuesday. Tuesday bled out before she could be treated at the hospital from a deep gash in her skull. He was charged with her murder and will be taken to court for possibly the death penalty or life in prison.

On 22nd of July, he joined SecuroServ.




"I'm innocent"

"Alright, Alright, ALRIGHT!"