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Douglas Bruce is the founder and sole lawyer of Temple Law.



Douglas Bruce was born at the Queen Mothers Hospital on the March 25, 1999 in Glasgow.

Growing up in Scotland alongside his brother William Bruce, his upbringing wasn't the greatest a child could of had. His father was a neighbourhood drunk whom of which would try to take it out on William, but Douglas would stand in and take the blame.

First Days In San Andreas[]

Flying into Los Santos, Douglas was excited to see his younger brother William after many years of not seeing each other. He attempted to track down his brother but as he did not write his number down he wasn't able to add the number into his contacts.

Douglas came across the Temple Grind Skatepark, of which being a community driven man, enquired about joining the attendant team to help out at the park.

A few days late Douglas was involved in a store robbery gone wrong, Douglas after being arrested was abruptly told by Sheriff Jolene Brooks his younger brother William has passed. This led Douglas to go into isolation for a few days to try and understand he had lost his only brother.

Using Temple Grind Skatepark as a place to get away from everything, Douglas will regularly head down to help and open. One day whilst attending the park, the idea of the park hosting a Car Show was thought of. Douglas took on upon himself to set one up.

A Professional Future[]

With time Douglas matured the idea of wanting to help people no matter what. Malcolm Turner tossed the idea around that Douglas should apply to be a lawyer. With this new idea of being able to help others, and a new number given to him he reached out to Mr Dyer of Dyer & Associates. After meeting him, he was brought onto the firm as a paralegal.

Douglas worked day in and day out, dealing with clients and studying in his motel, gaining knowledge to improve his skills and improve on his law knowledge. Douglas sat his Bar Exam Test on the 15th May 2020, of which later that day was informed he passed with %83.

Two Days Later On The 17th May 2020, Douglas finally set up his own firm called Temple Law.

Played By: KaiRP
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