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Ah, the attack dog, a force to be reckoned with. These K-9 Units are primarily used to search vehicles for drugs, track down criminals via scent or to give chase to fleeing criminals.

This one, in particular, is one you do not want to meet on the opposite end of the law.


Duke, like most attack dogs, were taken into academy and trained, eventually given a handler in the form of Deputy Jason Doyle.

The two get along great, apparently Duke having developed a form of 'telepathic communication' to just talk with Doyle and him alone, similarly to Peanut Butter with Deputy Thompson.

The banter between both Duke and Doyle is gold, revolving around varying topics from bantering about criminals or something completely off topic to the job at hand, just as friends should.

Duke, on the law side of things, has a taste of blood. He will not hesitate to give chase to a criminal and attack, leaving marks to remind those who flee who they messed with.

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