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Introduction []

Eastside Epsilon or E$Ǝ is a inactive street gang based on East Side of the central city founded by Ned Felman on May 14th, 2018.

Biography []

The Eastside Epsilons are a gang based on the East side of central Los Santos whose dealings mainly consist of selling weed. The E$E is one of the only gangs in Los Santos to proudly rep their color, Epsilon Blue. Their main goal seems to be to free the city of a 'weed tax' imposed by rival gangs for selling in certain locations as well as to organize the local weed dealers to make sure the weed flows in the city. This has brought them into direct conflict with Grove Street, with whom they usually employ a 'shoot on sight' policy.

Sometime in 2018 the gang went Inactive, no one from the gang or the gang it's self have been seen.