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Eddy Dufresne is a race coordinator for Rising Sun insurance company and raceway.


Early Life[]

At a young age, Eddy was interested in racing with a heavy influence from his father. At the time he worked on various amount cars backing England for side work, pushing him into stock racing. With a rough moral code to live by. He's pushed the boundary into the criminal world by working for hire. He developed his racing career into amateur racing within the United States along with his reputation. In 2013 he entered a drag race in Los Santos on Sandy Shores airfield. He entered on his own, with his first sponsor Pendulus, in which he won a race and a prize car: a modified Tampa. Since living in Los Santos, the racing scene faded away and his involvement in street race gatherings has increased to make a living.

Rebuilding and Racing[]

Eddy went to Haruhiko Oshima of Rising Sun insurance and proposed his involvement with their races at the casino's race track. He was eventually hired and became the race coordinator for Rising Sun, successfully hosting multiple races of all varieties at the track.