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Edward Nightshade (born April 16th, 1995) is a fortune teller in the city of Los Santos, descended from a very long line of fortune tellers and mystics, dating back to at least the Salem Witch Trials of the 1600s. While Los Santos has had a variety of fortune tellers throughout the city's history, Edward is unique in that rather than reading palms or tarot cards, he scries using a crystal ball.


The Nightshade Family[]

Dating back centuries, the Nightshade Family have always been closely associated with fortune telling and mysticism, often facing persecution for this connection, most notably during the Salem Witch Trials, when Edward's ancestor Gertrude Nightshade was hanged for witchcraft due to her profession as a fortune teller. The family is known for their strikingly white hair and pale complexion from birth; while some members of the family dye their hair, many of them keep the peculiar trait as a badge of pride.

The Family Business[]

Played By: CyrusMercer
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