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Elijah Fergeson is the former President of the San Andreas chapter of the Angels Of Death MC and is currently a Member of the Death Dealers MC.



Elijah Fergeson was born at the Ocean View Hospital on the 15th August 1998 in Vice City. He then moved to Scotland soon after until he was 15 when he and his parents moved back to Vice City.

Elijah was a rebellious child. He liked to have fun, stay out late and party. Living in sunny Vice, he would regularly have large get to gathers along the many beaches of the City. With all this partying and of course growing up in Vice City, Elijah came into contact with Cocaine, of which this is how he met the AOD chapter of Vice City.

AOD Emblem.png

After dealing with the chapter, he wondered what it would be like to be part of an “organisation” such as the AOD. Eventually he was brought into their fold at the age of 18 as a Prospect after being given the task of moving a large shipment of product for the Chapter across state.

The AOD of Vice City, gave Elijah many life lessons, taught him kindness, manors and how to respect himself and others. The gave Elijah a place to control his rebellious attitude and how to use his life of partying to his advantage and to make profit.

At 21 years old, Elijah wanted more, he wanted to explore, see new sights and meet new people. Loving the beach life and the party life he found the City of Los Santos whilst randomly searching through Life Invader and saw some ads promoting the great Vespucci Beach. The AOD of Vice City wished him well, and told him if he ever needs a home he’s always welcome to come back. But on his travels he should never forget what he has been taught growing up.

San Andreas - Beginnings[]

On his first day in Los Santos, Elijah met Jax, a member of the Liberty City chapter. They explored the city, and tried to earn some cash. They then decided in that moment to form the San Andreas chapter of the Angels Of Death MC.

After some time from not hearing from Jax, thinking that he had left the state or moved on, Elijah on the 1st July 2020 took over the role of President of the AOD.

San Andreas - A New Chapter[]

After some time of being the sole member of the Angels Of Death Elijah ran into Ollie, a member of the Death Dealers. Elijah started to role with the new Motorcycle club, of which after some time on the 29th July 2020, became a prospect for the club, therefore folding the Angels Of Death. After some time of helping the club, Elijah had proven himself, and as of the 9th August 2020, was promoted to a Member of the club.

Played By: KaiRP
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