"Oh Heyyy Trooper Thompson"
―Ella Stone to Trooper Thompson on several occasions

Ella Stone is a drug dealer and resident hooligan. She was previously engaged to Shaggy Dankweed, who she often teams up with to perform various misdeeds around the city. Very good friends with doppelganger Avery Jenkins, whom people often confuse.

Biography Edit

Character Background Edit

Ella Stone is a klutz, horrible driver, and maybe even a bit of a hot head but she can mean well and be kind at times. Piss her off or steal an expensive car of hers and there will be hell to pay. Ella is not someone to screw with or underestimate.

She is very defensive of her friends and easily provoked, especially by a certain State Trooper, though most of the time she walks right into it.

On August 9th 2017 Ella Stone and Shaggy Dankweed became engaged after a romantic proposal in the sunset where they received the blessings of Eli Thompson.

As of July 16th 2018, Ella Stone returned her engagement ring to Shaggy informing him they need to try some time apart but hopes that she could win him back.

On August 7th 2018 a few days before the one year anniversary of their engagement Shaggy Dankweed revealed he had been cheating on Ella with Coco Kale. Ella officially called of the engagement and broke up with Shaggy.