"Safety first!"
―Ellie Donno
Ellie Donno originally from the plains of Arkansas grew up in a dog cult. Donno has one older sister, Kellie Donno.

Character Background Edit

Donno grew up in Arkansas within the four walls of a dog cult. Growing up she has one known older sister, Kellie Donno. After breaking out of the cult, Donno had issues adjusting to a normal life. She has tried many jobs in the past which include working as a cab driver, garbage collector and most notably a taco vendor. Donno is not above less reputable forms of earning an income.

While frequently coming across as anxious, which causes her to stutter, Donno will also stand up for herself at times. When on the run from pursuers, she has been known to unsuccessfully hide by wearing a bag on her head.

Trivia Edit

  • Donno's favorite food is cheese
  • Donno has an obsession with safety, likely due to being a walking OSHA violation.
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