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Elvis Pelvis (born December 12th, 1984) was a Private Detective, a Security Guard for Bahama Mama's, and the owner and founder of Blackstar Global. He moved to Los Santos from Minnesota to finally investigate the deaths of his wife and daughter (which happened six years prior), who died in a car crash (believing the circumstances to be mysterious). In Los Santos, he met and married the love of his life, Ray Hartman, and "adopted" Rose Roberson as his daughter.

After Ray received a job offer back in Minnesota, Elvis and Ray got married, and moved to Minnesota together, where they live happily ever after.


Early Life[]

Growing up, Elvis was somewhat of the ‘mama’s boy’, from crying whenever he was away from her as a toddler to wanting to do everything with her as a child. He was very athletic, playing sports since he learned how to walk, and excelled in school as well. Starting in high school, Elvis became known as a ‘ladies’ man’, and was known for being with a different girl almost every week. His parents and his brother Norman saw through this, knowing he was gay but doing everything he could to appear straight, but waited for him to come out on his own accord.

When Elvis went to college, he became a prominent athlete on his school’s wrestling and football teams, and his reputation as a ladies’ man only grew. This reputation only ceased after his time in college, when he went to Los Santos on a vacation, and met a woman named Rachel. Their relationship started quickly, and they moved back to Minnesota together and were married in a year. Three years after that, they had a daughter named Kylie. They were extremely close with the rest of Elvis’ family, and got along well. However, another three years later when Elvis, Rachel, and Kylie went to Los Santos on a vacation to see Rachel’s family, horror struck when Rachel and Kylie died in a car crash. Seemingly traumatized, Elvis barely told his family anything about what happened, before selling his house and disappearing, cutting off contact with all of his family and friends. Some of his family members thought he had died and hadn’t been found, while some of them thought Elvis had simply tossed everything aside to start life over.

Return to Los Santos[]

Art of Elvis Pelvis

Six years after the deaths of his wife and daughter, Elvis flew back to Los Santos, determined to investigate their deaths, as he believed that there must be more to it than an accident, as the police had told him it was. He spent the first few weeks in Los Santos making connections, making friends, and getting a feel for the city. He spent the first part of his time in the city with Monty Cevik, Winston Little, Kristof O'Shield, and Eddie Concord. However, he quickly met Ray Hartman, who he developed feelings for almost immediately. The two began dating, and Ray became one of the first people that Elvis confided in when it came to his wife and daughter. However, over time, Elvis came to the realization that there were no suspicious circumstances to the deaths of his wife and daughter; he had created the idea in his head, desperate for closure. But, with Ray's help and support, he managed to move on.

Not long after Elvis and Ray's relationship began, they became very close to Rose Roberson, who they cared about and adored. Elvis decided to adopt Rose; and while Ray initially protested, he immediately fell in love with the idea when Rose said she "now had the two best dads in the city".

Some time afterwards, after discussing the idea of marriage, Elvis proposed to Ray at the Alamo Sea. Ray, not ready for the commitment, said nothing - Rather, he jumped into the Alamo Sea, and swam across the entire length of the sea. While this did result in the two of them taking some time apart, it only lasted for a day, as they both agreed that they love each other too much to stay apart. Around this time is when, at Ray's encouragement, Elvis began reaching out to his siblings in Minnesota again.

Months after Elvis' initial arrival in Los Santos, he and Ray were driving to Bahama Mama's, when they witnessed their friends Edmond Dover and Gina Johnson supposedly being held up in front of the Crown Jewel Motel. In a lapse of judgement, Elvis pulled up to the event, getting out of his car - Resulting in the perpetrators of the holdup using their shotguns to fire on Elvis, Edmond, and Ray, before fleeing the scene. While all three of them survived their injuries, Ray was hospitalized in a coma for several days. During this time, Elvis rarely left the hospital, staying at Ray's side as much as he could. However, he spent a large amount of this time relapsing on his alcoholism, sending individuals (some fully aware of Elvis being an alcoholic) to retrieve vodka for him, sneaking it into the hospital for him. After lectures from Eddie Concord and Kristof O'Shield about what Ray would think if he could see Elvis in this state, however, he finally put the bottle down.

During this time of remaining at Pillbox, Elvis accidentally happened to upset Robert Profen when he asked him to stop harassing his new friend Caidence. This resulted in Robert and his friends telling Elvis that unless he gave them $5,000, he was going to have problems. Upon refusing this ultimatum, Elvis confided these events to Eddie Concord, who told Elvis that he would handle the situation. Eddie and Sadie Nelson proceeded to have a meeting with Robert and his friends, where they came to a deal - Robert and his friends leave Elvis alone, or suffer the consequences at the hands of Eddie and his extensive connections. However, this didn't last very long.

Elvis Pelvis and Ray Hartman (art by mr_humbIe)

A day after the meeting, Ray woke up from his coma, and released from the hospital. Elvis and Ray drove back to their home and went inside for a few minutes. Upon walking back outside, they were greeted with individuals dressed in all black with weapons pointed in their faces. As they told Elvis he had been making the wrong people upset, Kristof O'Shield arrived with Edmond Dover and Caidence Linn, who were concerned when Elvis wasn't answering his radio. As Kristof began firing at the individuals in black in an attempt to save Elvis and Ray, Elvis used this distraction to rush the still-injured Ray back into their house, locking the door behind them. While Kristof was injured, the individuals who attacked Elvis and Ray at their home fled.

With people attacking them at their own home, Elvis and Ray decided to take a vacation to visit Elvis' family in Minnesota until things settled down. Elvis told Eddie what had happened, and Eddie told him it would be dealt with.

Played By: CyrusMercer
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