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Eric Vinter is a former tow driver and mechanic for Street Dreams, as well as a former member of the organization 101. Eric made a name for himself stealing cars for 101 as well as controlling the chop shop under the code name "Thomas". Eric has been known for doing gun deals and trading information with several organizations, for Maxine Devereux, but is known to most as just a mechanic.


Eric grew up in an orphanage in Little Seoul, before being adopted at the age of five by a couple from Sweden. He was raised together with seven other adopted children in an average home. Eric boosted his first car at eleven, but got caught and as a punishment he was forced to work at the family friends mechanic shop. This is where Eric found his love for cars. Even after the punishment was over, Eric continued to work at the mechanic shop until he was 26 years old, which is when he decided to return to Los Santos to find his real parents.

Time in Los Santos[]

Eric returned to Los Santos in late 2017 and was hired by Mav Doretto to work at Street Dreams shortly after his arrival. Not long after Eric got hired, he was bled into the 101 and introduced to high end car theft and later on, the meth business. Eric valued his time at Street Dreams and 101 very highly, and saw these people as his family. Eric started dating Sofia Andersson around Christmas the same year he arrived.

After about half a year, 101 started to drift apart and Eric chose to join Maxine when she decided to branch of. Maxine had been handed the ownership of Street Dreams at the time and Eric was made head manager.

Maxine and her crew joined the Tribe, and Eric followed as her head of operations.

On the side, Eric was organizing street races with Anton Belov under the name Rogue.

Eric worked as a manager at Street Dreams until he was fired by Mav, when Mav took the business back from Maxine on July 19th. Eric was fired due to his ties with Maxine Devereux and the Tribe.

The ownership of Street Dreams were then handed to Archie Cooper, who re-branded it into Redline, and Eric was then rehired by Archie.

Eric quit Redline a couple of months later due to having lost the feeling of family, and due to the business being to closely affiliated with Grove Street (which had meant Eric was considered affiliated with them too to some - Eric ended up getting shot due to this). After Eric left Redline, he also left Los Santos and headed back to Sweden for a vacation.

Upon his return Eric and Sofia split up due to having drifted apart. Eric gave the house that he bought for Sofia and himself in Mirror Park to Sofia and bought an apartment down in Vespucci and moved over there. On one of his daily walk to the nearby coffee shop he was approached and offered to take the job as head manager at BBC. At this time BBC was rarely open and the investors wanted to see that changed. Eric was handed free reigns by Tobius Huxley, who was part owner. Alongside with Eva Barton (who did most the work), the two got BBC back up and going again. But Eric had bigger plans than just to get the place going. Eric had been continuing the work to get BBC moved, and also rebranded. All his work was thrown away after the investors decided to move BBC to Vespucci Beach. Eric was very vocal about his thoughts on this move, and left BBC a couple of months after having received the news.


Eric now mostly spends his time organizing street racing with the Midnight Club, which he started together with Dave Choi, Chao Ling and Max Brody. Eric has kept perusing his dream of opening up his own mechanic shop, hoping to be able to create a new family of tight nit people just like Street Dreams once was. He still drives the same Futo that Mav Doretto gave him back when he had recently arrived.