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"Wanna kill some cops man?"
―Lil Fonz


Esteban "Lil Fonz" Fonseca was a professional hitman for numerous organized crime groups throughout Mexico. Lil Fonz's first kill came early at the age of just two years old. Lil Fonz was the product of DNA testing and tampering at Humane Labs. Through multiple test scientist successfully removed any ability to feel remorse from Lil Fonz.


Although much of Lil Fonz's upbringing and past is unknown, what is known is that he was biomedically engineered by a scientist at Humane Labs. At the age of just two years old, Lil Fonz would commit his first murder. Something that he would soon familiarize himself with. When a scientist came in to give toddler Fonz some food, Fonz jumped on him when he turned his back and stabbed him in the eyes with his spoon repeatedly until the scientist stopped moving. Lil Fonz than proceeded to lock pick the locks of multiple of his clones that were created using his DNA and set them free into Los Santos. After years of being away in Mexico being trained by former special forces members paid for by cartel leaders in the art of killing, Fonz returned to Los Santos.

As he stepped off the train he ran into a tall blonde woman. Fonz introduced himself to her and learned that her name was Summer Springs. He would ask her for work and she gave his number to Tony Reeves and Jin Wong. She would later dub him "Lil Fonz", a name now infamous amongst the people of Los Santos. After a few outings, the crew would adopt Fonz as a new member seeing his potential. After months the crew would learn who Fonz really was. His need for killing spiraled out of control and he wiped out an entire family of people that would sit on his porch. Bodies lay scattered all over his property and so the crew dug a makeshift grave in his backyard.