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Dr. Ethan Ramsey is one of the doctors who works at Pillbox Hill Medical Center. He's one of the newer doctors and is Trauma Specialised.


Ethan was born and raised in London England. He went through the system after his mother gave him up at birth. He got picked up by a loving family who never gave up on him no matter what baggage he had or how often he ran away he always new that he had a home and a loving foster family. Ethan never had troubled life after being fostered and loved his foster mum and dad. At the age of 16 Ethan watched his best friend die In the arms of a first responder and from that moment Ethan wanted to be in the medical field. Ethan went to medical school at the age of 18, where he studied at Nottingham Trent University where he had a choice of going into the surgical field or being trauma. Ethan always wanted to be on the front line and got a doctorate in medical trauma. Ethan took a residency at a Local trauma centre in central London where he completed 3 years before moving to Los Santos where he is currently based.