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Ezekiel Zehring, most commonly known as Zeke, is a licensed pilot and the former Head of Security for Dawson Enterprises, a large Entertainment company in Nashville, TN run by John C. Dawson. He is in a long-term relationship with Daisy Dawson, the daughter of John C. Dawson. Zeke and Daisy have sought a fresh start in Los Santos.

Character Background[]

Zeke is new in town and has gone ahead to set up his business and home.

Zeke is known for his kind and friendly nature, a true southern gentleman. He is cool and calculated, and he is a loyal and protective friend to those close to him. He is often seen as the “peacekeeper”, seeking out diplomatic resolutions to issues before violence, but when diplomacy ends, no one is more unrelenting than he is.

Recently, Zeke has been in training at Parsons Clinic and is now working there as a therapist alongside his helicopter business.