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Felix Marks is a former LSEMS paramedic who has recently fallen on hard times. Currently has ties to Tyrone Jones and possibly has developed a crack cocaine addict.


Character Background[]

At one point Felix was employed by Los Santos Emergency Medical Service and was heralded for being one of the departments most loyal and efficient paramedic. His signature backpack made him easily distinguishable from other EMS personal.

EMS Termination[]

On the 14th of July 2017 Felix was assaulted by Grant Mchenry, and in a bout of self defense incapacitated the aggressor with a hatchet. This act of violence resulted in the loss of his position with the LSEMS.

After his termination Felix has developed a vagabond lifestyle, drifting from position to position. Currently his status is unknown, but it is rumored that he has been adopted by Tyrone Jones and is currently a "crack disciple". It remains to be seen what exactly a crack disciple is.