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Floyd Skump is an older, homeless man who provides information for Kaitlyn Maw.



Floyd was once a famous boxer that fought all over the world. Near the end of his career one day, his manager told him to pull a fight telling Floyd that it’s time that he moves over for some new young talent. The pay would have been great for both Floyd and his manager. Floyd was confused and didn’t want to pull the fight thinking that he was fine, so he declined the offer because he didn’t want to go down that way. That night, Floyd’s manager went to Floyd’s apartment and tried to talk him into it again, but no avail. The manager had another trick up his sleeve though. He spiked the water Floyd was drinking with something and switched their cups. Floyd took a couple sips and is out within the hour, sound asleep. The manager called a couple people to move Floyd’s sleeping body out of the house, to which they loaded Floyd’s body into a van and drove him up to Mount Gordo. Floyd woke up several hours later not knowing where he was. The first thing that came to his mind was that he was abducted since Floyd loved sci-fi growing up and to him, this was the only explanation. He eventually snapped, stripped off his clothing, and tried to fend off the wildlife. Eventually, he found his way off the mountain but was no longer the Floyd people once knew him as. He is now barely recognizable, has grown his hair out, and shouts about aliens and how they’ve abducted him.