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"Bippity boppity boo salika doo amecha kaboo a bippity boppity boo" ―Francis Sinclair

Francis Sinclair, or Frank, is a paranoid ghost hunter and demon remover who roams Los Santos hunting apparitions. He was presumed dead after a standoff with the police but survived after months of recovery.


Character Background[]

A paranormal investigator and demon hunter who wages war against the occult. Francis is convinced that the city of Los Santos has been taken over by "objective apparitions", and made it his personal goal to cleanse the city of its many demons. This "cleansing" was performed via the act of stabbing his possessed subjects, sometimes until death.

Frank's crusade against the paranormal initially started favorably after successfully freeing Kiki Chanel and various other citizens of the demons that possessed them. However, Francis' battle soon turned more and more sinister as he began to kidnap and murder innocent people who he wrongly perceived to be demonic.

Presumed Death[]

Francis' was presumed dead after being shot during the kidnapping and attempted exorcism of Zoey Lyrais. The police officers who responded to the scene shot Francis while he and Bershawnda Jackson held Zoey at gunpoint. After months of recovery he reappeared in Los Santos attempting to find Zoey Lyrais at the therapy clinic.