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"I hurt myself today.... to see if I still feel"

―Gary singing "Hurt"

Gary Clinton is a homeless man who eats whatever food he finds lying around. He is hapless, pessimistic, depressed and completely impervious to death.


Character Background[]

Early in life, Gary Clinton had a poor childhood. While he has never gone into detail about it, he mentioned once that often his parents forgot he was even there, and on one occasion forgot him at a campground during vacation. They didn't even notice he was gone until a week later.

In his adult years, Gary Clinton married his first wife in Colorado, where he is from. Due to his wife consistently cheating on him, the marriage eventually ended after a line was drawn and his wife was caught being gangbanged by the Colorado University football team.

Gary's second wife was largely unspoken of, only that Gary is forced to pay child support for their 3 children, none of which are biologically Gary's.

His third and final wife was named Jennifer. She emotionally abused and cheated on Gary regularly, including forcing him to change his middle name to Jennifer as a sign of his love for her. She also made him get her name tattoo'd on his chest, which he is actively trying to cover up.

Currently, surviving a fall off a crane at the hands of Brock Brambo, Gary Clinton has lost his home and now roams the street on his mountain bike. Having no real friends, Wetworks leader Nino Chavez has continuously shown pity for Gary and actively tries to get him work, food, money, and shelter.


Gary Clinton has only really been known to be good at one thing. During his adventures he has often biked down Mount Chilliad without crashing, even doing tricks. Despite his skill, which is likely caused by his blatant disregard for his own life, nobody has ever actually seen Gary do anything spectacular on his bike.

Played By: Selvek
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