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"Gat's always ready with the gat."
―Gavin "Gat" Matthews


Gavin Matthews, more commonly referred to as Gat, is a member of The Grove Street Family.


Gavin Matthews used to be more than a Thug. In mid-2017, he was ULSA's star wide receiver on his way to the NFL. However, a leg injury cost him that future and he turned to drug dealing on his university campus to pay the medical expenses for himself and his mother, who lay dying with terminal cancer. He was caught selling drugs and underwent a lengthy court case that got him expelled. Subsequently, he now roams the south side of Los Santos hustling to survive.

Recently he disappeared for reasons unknown.

At some point in early 2019, Gat returned to Los Santos and reconnected with The Grove Street Family. Meeting some of the new members and leadership, Gat was welcomed back into the gang and is quickly reproving himself as the dedicated and dangerous gang soldier he is.