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Genevieve "Envy" Acres, also known simply as Gen, is a fairly friendly resident Biker of Los Santos. She typically can be found wearing a mask and riding leathers. Under her mask her face appears heavily scarred from extreme burns and areas that appear to have been carved out. She often cites that her mask makes it easier for people to talk with her and typically discusses her attempts at appearing "friendly" to other residents. She is a 22 year old female who often dresses rather ambiguously in colorful attire.


Genevieve Acres was born on October 28, 1996 to Abigail Acres in a Sandy Shores trailer. At the age of 14, she was taken in by her grandmother on her father's side, Barbara-Ann Bridges, a local resident of Grapeseed. This change in residences was due to inadequate care, abuse, and heavy neglect of Gen which resulted in her abnormal face just 6 months prior. At the age of 18 Gen started a cross country journey to make money and be able to afford certain facial surgeries. Eventually Gen came to the conclusion that enough was enough and had flown back to Los Santos at the age of 22 from Brazil. Currently, Gen roams the isle of LS freely on her bikes, employed as a Scrap truck driver and a manager/worker at the Paleto Lumbermill. She was employed by Amber Finklesteen at Macapone's Parts & Scrap after Casey Jumper had connected the two. The Paleto Lumbermill has employed her for several months, wherein she often checks the perimeter, and assists new hires in their day-to-day tasks. She decided to join the Scarlet Valkyries MC and has since taken up a role as Vice President.

Bike Info[]

  • My Darlin - A heavily rusted W.M.C. Rat Bike that Gen had saved from the dump when she was 15 years old and managed to get it into a running state with help. This was Gen's first bike and her introduction into the biking world. As of July 2019 My Darlin has officially been put out of commission as no amount of duct tape could keep the frame from falling apart after a collision going northbound Senora Freeway.
  • The Lizard - A Brown and Green W.M.C. Gargoyle that was purchased as a temporary replacement for My Darlin after its tragic demise. The Lizard's other aliases are "Side Chick" and "Liz." Gen will often take this bike off-road due to the chains on the back, minimizing the time it has to grind up the asphalt.
  • Princess - A Smoky Purple L.C.C. Innovation that was initially purchased to replace My Darlin. Other aliases for Princess are "Gold Digger" and "My Piece of Shit." The name "Princess" was chosen as the bike was pretty to look at but extremely fragile and expensive to repair.