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**PSA: Terror Warning -- Abusive Relationships will be mentioned/described in this. If this is too much for you please turn back now.**

"I like to shoot people for funzies"
―Gina Johnson
"Hey so can you like slit my throat while we fuck?"
―Gina Johnson


Gina was born in Melbourne, Australia & moved to Liberty City at a very young age. Growing up specifically in Broker, her childhood was like any other child's she wasn't abused or anything, her parents gave her everything she could ever want and loved her.

When Gina was 18 years old she became a 'party girl', going out to as many parties as she could with a fake ID, while at these parties she would consistently drink while taking drugs which included MDMA, LSD, Xanax & Adderall, she also had the tendency to sleep with a lot of different people when they were interested in her. At one of these parties she met a man by the name Jacob Andrews.

Jacob Andrews[]

Jacob started out as someone who was rather shy towards Gina but they quickly became friends which lead to Jacob constantly asking Gina out on a date, to which she kept turning down. One night the questions from Jacob became too much so she said she'd humour him with a single date, the beginning of this date started out nicely, he picked her up & they went out for dinner, however... At the end of the date when they were walking back to the car, Jacob grabbed Gina by the throat and pinned her up against the car, then he whispered into her ear "You are fucking pathetic, the people you pick over me are pathetic. You are mine now, your freedom is now mine. Tell anyone and I will snap your fucking neck you dumb bitch"

Gina rapidly sank into a spiral after hearing this, losing all of her confidence in herself out of fear she would be killed over such a small thing, she did laugh at the fact she was trapped to begin with but with the way Jacob ended up treating her, she stopped laughing very early into the relationship.

There would be days or weeks where Gina was confined to living in a particular room, Jacob's favourite choice was the bathroom, but she wouldn't go in there willingly so he would beat her first, potentially breaking bones, creating fractures and definitely becoming the demon she saw every night in her sleep. It was about 3 months into the relationship when Jacob came home with some heroin and a syringe, of which he forced into Gina's veins for the next 5 years, every single day. She would fight it but it was no match.

after 5 years of dealing with the abuse that Jacob was providing, she attempted to stab him in his sleep one of the few nights she actually got to sleep outside of the bathroom, however she failed to kill him even though she believed he was dead, she fled from the house with all that she had her & $20 in her pocket.

Eventually Jacob would come to Los Santos looking for Gina & upon finding her, attempted to bring her back to Liberty where he could control her. However this time it was different, Gina had made friends that had her back, one of which was Terry Jacobs, who told her she just needs to say the word & he would be swiftly dealt with. Gina refused this request & wanted to handle it solo, one day she met with Jacob at the beach in the Palomino Highlands, a fight would ensue but Gina would stab Jacob through the heart with a hunting knife, finally putting an end to it.

Grove Street Families (GSF)[]

So through Gina's time working at the 24/7 she would meet all kinds of people from all different groups, gangs & areas of San Andreas but she rapidly grew close to one man named Terry Jacobs who helped her get clean from the Heroin Addiction she was dealing with & introduced her to working at the Vanilla Unicorn under the Grove Street Families, she would bartend for them whenever they opened while also ransacking cars in her spare time to sell drugs to Grove as a way to make money & get the drugs away from her. After a long while selling drugs to GSF and working for the VU, TJ & Raith offered Gina the opportunity to sell meth in the south side for them as she claimed meth was the one drug she refused to take. She happily accepted to push for them & she kept getting closer with the Grove members to the point she believed she wasn't too far off of being brought into more stuff right up until the day she got a phone call from her mom asking for her help dealing with some loan sharks that weren't leaving them alone. So Gina flew out immediately for the next couple months, little did she know that when she returned Grove street would no longer exist as a whole due to infighting and a war with Logang that they couldn't survive.

The reason Gina even wanted to join Grove is to help protect TJ, since at this point he was like a brother to her & she wanted to make sure one of the people she managed to have some sort of emotion towards was safe. Gina did also setup an ambush for the Grove members on Edmond Dover, unsure of the reason but because they said they wanted to test her & the order came from TJ, she was happy to oblige, she walked up to Edmond at Bahama Mama's & asked for a ride to the crown jewel because she was just too drunk, once they pulled into the Crown Jewel, a blue Sultan pulled in behind pulling out shotguns, trying to get Edmond out of the car when Elvis Pelvis & Ray Hartman came crashing in, in the Roosevelt, suffering multiple shotgun blasts, everyone except Gina & the members of Grove were in a state they needed to be transported to hospital. This would be Gina's first encounter with 'Ghost' but definitely not her last.


On the 16th March 2021, Gina was caught ransacking cars for drugs in Mirror Park, as the officer approached the parking lot, Gina attempted to flee in her Caracara 4x4, unable to lose the units on her and a growing frustration with the motor unit pulling in-front of her & yelling that she was trying to cause the motor unit to crash, Gina ran over the motorcycle causing it to explode and injuring Samantha Grimm with burns to parts of her body. However Gina managed to make her escape down an alleyway and to the Casino where she hid from the police until it died down & she went to Paleto to get shrapnel removed & stitch herself up.

Forensics of the Caracara came back entirely to Gina, including fingerprints, Blood DNA & hair strands through the car, at which point John Sullivan submitted a warrant for Gina Johnson's arrest for Attempted Murder of a Public Servant, Felony Evasion & Burglary.

While Gina was on the run from the San Andreas State Police, she committed multiple large crimes including Armed Robbery of citizens of Los Santos, some of which were stabbed. Gina was began a hunt for Lumiere Naga after he began to run his mouth on Twitter, calling Gina out directly for robbing him after she had robbed him. Gina ended up getting a hold of Lumiere with the assistance of Landon Carlson, while trying to get Lumiere out of the vehicle, he attempted to drive away so Gina opened fire with an Uzi into the driver side of the windscreen.

On the 22nd March 2021 Gina was seen driving around in her Blue Ocelot Jugular & Trooper Miles Danger initiated a traffic stop, at which point Gina fled, unable to escape Trooper Danger, she began to shoot at his car in an attempt to take out a tyre, failing to do so while Danger succeeded in hitting her tyre and sending her into a pole, totalling the vehicle. After which a shootout began & Gina was shot twice in the chest & arrested. During sentencing the SASP charged Gina for Attempted Murder of a Public Servant, Felony Evasion x2, Burglary & Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Public Servant; sending her up to prison for life.

Prison Sentence - 7,200 months[]

Gina would serve out her time, getting into trouble more frequently than she originally intended to, while she is in for life her parole hearings happen every 7,200 months and she's currently hoping to be allowed to leave at the next one. Although while she's been in prison she has been put into the SHU for a list of reasons, a few of which allowed her to become friends with members of the Peaceful Street Pimps & trying to conjure up wild escape plans with them none of which have succeeded as of this point, Gina's personal favourite was turning the prison's microwave into an IED in an attempt to blow the prison up, however Noah North caught her in the act of stealing the microwave.

While Gina has been in prison she has significantly grown closer to several people that she hardly spoke with before she went inside, mostly due to her being too busy to always be available to hang out earlier, now she is available to build those relationships with them. Gina always had a little bit of respect for Jayda Hampton which has grown dramatically in her time inside, while Gina has been using a contraband phone to talk to Jayda, Jayda has helped Gina become less hot headed and is trying to help her get released as soon as she can. Slowly Gina is learning to trust Jayda after Terry Jacobs' warning to be careful around her. She doesn't see any ill will towards her, so she's pursuing that relationship as much as she can. Some of the other people Gina has grown fond over while inside include Piper Banks, Bartholomew Thompson, Tazzy Varelli & Lance Breen.

Gina's prime goal currently is to remain out of trouble in a hope of being released as soon as possible, to attend the wedding of TJ & Whitney then continuing her life on the outside.

Known Victims[]

Jacob Andrews - Stabbed in the heart after a fight on the Palomino Highlands beach [Deceased]

Random Redneck that shot up the 24/7 while high on Crack - Machete'd & pushed off a cliff [Deceased]

Edmond Dover- Sent into an Ambush [Survived]

Elvis Pelvis - Indirectly (Drove into the ambush on Edmond Dover) [Survived]

Ray Hartman - Indirectly (Drove into the ambush on Edmond Dover) [Survived]

Mike Boscoreli - Shot in a pursuit [Survived]

James O'Doyle - Shot in the chest at Pillbox Hill Parking [Survived]

Samantha Grimm - Ran off of SASP Motor Unit, causing explosion [Survived]

Lumiere Naga - Robbed & Stabbed in the back by Landon Carlson [Survived]

Lumiere Naga - Shot with an Uzi [Survived]

Jeremiah Jones - Sent Peaceful Street Pimps to rob him for attempting to run Gina's store

Vanilla Unicorn - Set on fire while wearing a GSF-esk outfit

Peaceful Street Pimps - Set their hangout area in Peaceful Street's red garage on fire


  • Gina's preferred method of torture was carving shapes into people's chests with a switchblade
  • Gina had an extremely sadistic kink where she would ask her partners to slit her throat while they were in bed
  • Gina was sent to prison with the following flags: V - Violent, PH - Police Hater, W - Weapon Carrier & E- Escape Risk
  • while Gina was never blooded into GSF, she does believe in her heart that she was a member
  • Gina believes she has failed herself, TJ, Whitney & all of GSF by not being around when the war was happening that caused Grove to no longer exist.
  • Gina has severe PTSD from her relationship with Jacob Andrews, causing her to not trust men as easily as she does women. Gina has only been able to get close with a couple guys since the relationship ended.
  • Gina swiftly left Los Santos after being released from Prison on the 27th June 2021, she stated she was done with the drama LS brings her and wanted to go live with her family, Terry Jacobs & Whitney Spurs
  • Before leaving town, Gina dressed up all in Green, drove to the Vanilla Unicorn & set it on fire, as well as a house on Forum Drive & the hangout that members of PSP were claiming to own.
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