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Giovanni Rosetti is a Made Man in the The Gambino Crime Family and the head of the Rosetti Subfamily.


Gio was born at 8:27 AM on March 27, 1990 in Broker, Liberty City. His father, Gianluigi Rosetti, is the head of the powerful Rosetti Crime Family in Broker, one of the 5 crime families of Liberty City. His mother is Julianna Rosetti.

Rosetti grew up being sent to public school due to his father's concerns of kids those days being brought up spoiled. He's always heard rumors of his dad's true business, but, upon entering high school, his dad told him about the business. After a brief explanation Luigi asked his son, "Do you want to be like me?" to which Gio replied, "Absolutely!" From that day on Gio went to school and did petty crime for the Family. He was sent to college and graduated with a degree in law while growing in the ranks of the Family. Upon graduation, Gio was a deal maker for the family. Specifically, he dealt with the street gangs in Hove Beach. Gianluigi sent Gio to Los Santos to gain a foothold in the criminal world over there. Unknown to Gio, the real reason for the move is because the police have started cracking down on the crime families in Liberty City so the Rosettis are planning to move.

While in Los Santos, Gio met his old friend Wade Black, who introduced him to Magnus Frank. Magnus told Gio about working for the barber shop and that it would "suit him". Gio spends weeks getting his haircut and hanging around for an in. He was eventually brought in by Darren Fole and Luca Gambino. Gio's main job for the Gambinos is deal-making. He sells coke and guns to his various contacts through his restaurant. He also works as an information broker and gets a lot of his information through Jason Sweeney, a hotdog salesman that he met before his introduction to crime.

Gio currently owns and operates Rosetti's Curbside Italian Restaurant out of his home in Rockford.