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Grant Mchenry is one of the four members of "The Square" which includes Dannie Slater, Jessie Jones, and Kal Clark. He is currently married to Bambi Carter.


Character Background[]

Grant Mchenry can easily be identified by his trademark mustard colored pants and his southern accent. He is friends with fellow hoodlums Dannie Slater, Jessie Jones, and Kal Clark. They call their group of friends "The Square." Though there has been much strife over time between the members, they are all still close friends.

Grant also has a twin brother Merle Mchenry. After an incident where Dannie stabbed Grant and put him in the hospital, Merle came to town looking for the person who caused it. However, this catastrophically led to Merle's death at the hands of Richard Oakes. Grant has been searching for his missing brother ever since, but he has recently started to believe Merle is dead.

Grant is married to Bambi Mchenry and is close friends with a clown, Mr. Pickles, who married him and Bambi. Grant and his wife are expecting twins. After the twins are born, he plans to move out of the city of Los Santos.