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Current gang territory map of South Los Santos

Rank Structure[]

  • Triple Original Gangster - Highest rank within the gang.
  • Original Gangster - Second in command.
  • Original Baby Gangster - Sergeant.
  • Original Young Gangster - Foot solider.
  • Young Gangster - Newly inducted members.

Biography []

The Beginning[]

The Grape Street Crips are a predominantly black street gang from South Los Santos. In addition to wearing blue & grey, the Grape Street Crips sport the color purple to signify Jamestown street, a north-south street in South Los Santos. They occupy Jamestown Street and Carson Avenue. In the beginning, their neighborhood was called Jamestown Varrio Grape (JVG), which included both Mexican and Black members together. When the Mexicans aligned themselves with the Surenos banner, the Mexican members changed their name to Los Santos Vagos (LSV), who were still considered close allies, and the black members went by East Side Jamestown Varrio Grape (ESJVG) but by around 1986/87 the new black members were known as Grape Street Crips (GSC). After a long period of peace, a war broke out between LSV and GSC over turf disputes. The war would see an end to relations between the two gangs and the feud continues to this day.

Change in leadership[]

In 2011, Andre Grove took over the Grape Street Crips and began building it up better and stronger along with the help of Trey Sanders. Throughout the years they recruited members to the collective and continued doing their dirty work which mainly consisted of robberies and extortion.

In 2020, the Grape Street Crips then planned a hit on The Lost MC that was operating out of Mirror Park. On the day of the hit, the gang had strapped up and headed to their compound across from the Taxi depot. Little did they know, the bikers were talking with some Russians inside the compound so after creeping around the back, one of the people inside heard them and came rushing out with guns blazing which led to a shootout where Andre Grove and Trey Sanders got shot, luckily Deaquan and Tyrone made it out.

As months passed by, they managed the meth business and had county lines up in Sandy Shores where they would cook it up. This brought some heat to the gang and they eventually ran into some problems with the Death Dealers MC who had originally run the Meth business. After a couple of run-ins with the Death Dealers, the Crips couldn't get back in contact with the leader so they carried on moving the meth to customers down at the Southside. About a month passed by and they got word from The Grove Street Collective that they had wiped them off of the map. Soon later they met Antonio Rodriguez who was blooded in after cooking for Grape Street and proving his worth.

Territory map of Vespucci


After the gang saw their rise in prominence they began to see an increase in income as well as a rise in opps. Collectively the gang decided it was best if they all lived elsewhere while still maintaining a presence on the south side. The decision was made to move to the west side, more specifically Vespucci. Known to be a relatively calm area it would be the perfect place for the gang to lay low, where it would be hard for opps to make moves against the gang. The gang quickly settled in and began expanding their turf to encompass the majority of the Vespucci Beach area. Grape looks to turn Vespucci into its stronghold while running their business out of the south side.

After, becoming hired hitmen, murdering several cops and labeled a violent street gang, the Crips began to feel the heat from the Cops closing in. They were raided and went toe to toe with the cops in a gun fight to defend their inventory. Andre Grove and Deaquan Jones were hit with life sentences and are actively fighting those cases. Antonio Rodriguez was released pending a court date where more charges will be assessed.