Introduction Edit

Bruce Greenwell, a pilot of Los Santos, San Andreas loves the skies! His tours and skydiving business is a "Seat above the rest!" For all of your touring, skydiving, air-taxying needs, you can call on Bruce Greenwell to fulfill all your airborne needs.

Biography Edit

Greenwell Skies is your one-stop, flyin the friendly skies service provider.  Ever think about taking a chopper tour of the beautiful island of San Andeas; beautiful sunsets, or sunrises; city skapes through light fog, or viewing the sprawling hills of Blaine county, an adjacent county that connects up with Los Santos county?  Or maybe you wish to go on a romantic 30 minute tour with your special someone? If you are into adventure, perhaps you'd be interested in taking sky-diving lessons and gaining your jumping license?  Whatever your taste or interest is in the skies over San Andreas, its sure Greenwell Skies will fulfill your every need!

Bruce Greenwell profpic

Bruce Greenwell-standing on the wing of a 5-seater plane.

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