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Harry Brown, aka "The Hammer" or just "Brown", is a freelance security guard and consultant from England.



He was mostly seen working with Freddy Price. He was hired as a pseudo-hitman. Brown was seen as being the "muscle" of SecuroServ, and he is diagnosed with PTSD. It is believed the cause of the PTSD is from the acts he carried out under Price's command.

Zoey Lyrais diagnosed Brown as a possible schizophrenic and he told that he has conversations with his hammer, whom he refers to as "Ellie".

Buddha & The Leanbois[]

At this point in time, he began a close friendship with Lang Buddha and started to gain intel for him, this resulted in him helping the Leanbois and becoming an Associate to them for a short period of time. He also became friends with Bob Coolidge during this time.

Freelance Security Guard & Consultant[]

Brown has recently been cleared of any mandatory psychological therapy. Brown is most notably known as a sage and knowledgeable man and is often sought after for advice from his friends.

Brown currently acts as a freelance security guard and consultant for people across the City of Los Santos. He has been seen hanging around Khloe Leaves, hosting backroom gambling and helping her get her gambling ring started.


In June 2018, Harry became a cook and distributor of cocaine alongside Alexis Freeman. Not long after, Harry decided he had enough of cocaine and the city itself and left on a plane.


In September 2018, Harry was spotted once again back in the city.

In February 2019, Harry again returned to the city. This time meeting to speak about Jeffrey Connors, Freddy Price, and Al Saab to Archie Cooper in the basement of the Tequila-la. As of now, he currently works closely with the Vespucci Kings as a crack cook.