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Lacey's charred body was found behind the Yellowjack next to an exploded gas tank on October 4, 2018. A closer inspection revealed that she had several high-caliber rounds in her torso and letters carved into her right forearm ("SN" and several other illegible letters), as well as a charred paper tucked into her glove with "A.C." written on it.

Recovery of Remains and Funeral[]

Lacey's remains were recovered by Sparks on January 19, 2019. Sparks held a memorial ride for her on February 10, 2019, which Eddy Dufresne, Socks, Crash, and Dukes joined. They started at Tongva Valley, rode up to Route 68, over to Senora Fwy, down through the city to Del Perro Fwy, then swung up north to Hookies, where Sparks scattered her ashes.