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Hedi Saurus was a paramedic for the San Andreas Emergency Medical Services.


Hedi Saurus is proudly from Australia. When she was young, she had wanted to pursue a career in music because of her avid singing at all times. All she wanted to do was make people happy with her singing, even though she was nervous. Her biggest supporter was her brother, who encouraged her to keep on singing. Now her brother had been thinking about joining the army because he felt that he could make the necessary sacrifices for his country. He ended up enlisting in the army and was to leave in a few weeks. The day before he was to leave, he pulled Hedi aside, and encouraged her to pursue her passions in music and do the things she enjoyed. The next day, before he was to leave, he gave Hedi his headphones to remember him by. Unfortunately, a few days later, a man from the army appeared at the door, telling Hedi and her family that her brother had passed away in an accident. This event devastated Hedi and changed the course of her life. Instead of pursuing a career in music, she would be committed to honoring her brother's memory, saving people. With this in mind, she decided to pursue a career in the San Andreas Emergency Medical Services, ending up in Los Santos.