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Hernando Serrano is a young Hispanic male who came to Los Santos from elsewhere in southern California. His activities in Los Santos thus far have been low-level criminal activity including weed and crack sales. He is known to hang out on a particular porch on Fudge Lane.


Upon arriving in Los Santos, Hernando bought a BMX and began seeking out likeminded petty criminals. He found himself on Fudge Lane where he met Josue Diaz after both were independently confronted by members of the Grove Street Families. On account of Josue's grandpa being an OG Azteca and having heard him tell stories of "the good ole days," Hernando and Josue determined to watch one another's backs as a new generation of Aztecas.

During a war between Grove Street Families and parties in the north, Hernando played a minor supporting role in favor of the south. During this conflict, he also gained favor with important players within the Crack trade. In addition to providing a financial foundation for the Aztecas, this connection proved valuable in securing property on lower Fudge Lane--Hernando's first home.

At the very end of the war, Hernando met and briefly took hostage Lacey Gracen. Following this encounter, the two began to spend time with one another. Eventually, Lacey became an Azteca and the two began dating.