"Life is a lot like cat shit in a litter box... sometimes you just gotta scoop it out"
― Hobo Harry
Harry Dumpling, also known as Hobo Harry, was an oddly poetic homeless man who won the hearts of the citizens across the city of Los Santos. He is a former member of The Four Winds.

Biography Edit

Character Background Edit

Despite being a homeless man, Hobo Harry was weirdly financially successful. Through panhandling and donations Harry grew his wealth to the tune of $1,000,000 and spent approximately 90% of his earnings on alcohol.

Harry was at one point married to Fanny Dumpling, and after their separation got re-married to Marta Margarita. Directly after their wedding, Harry engaged in a bloody duel with rival hobo Sloppy Joe, which resulted in Sloppy Joe's death. Hobo Harry, in fear of having the reputation of a murderer, took his own life by drowning himself in the Pacific Ocean.

The Four Winds Edit

Harry was an important member of the hobo guild The Four Winds and held the crucial role of Westbound Hobo. Had a bitter rivalry with Four Winds arch-nemesis Sloppy Joe, who Harry eventually defeated.

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