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"Life is a lot like cat shit in a litter box... sometimes you just gotta scoop it out"

― Hobo Harry

Harry Dumpling, also known as Hobo Harry, was an oddly poetic homeless man who won the hearts of the citizens across the city of Los Santos. He is a former member of The Four Winds.


Character Background[]

Despite being a homeless man, Hobo Harry was weirdly financially successful. Through panhandling and donations Harry grew his wealth to the tune of $1,000,000 and spent approximately 90% of his earnings on alcohol.

Harry was at one point married to Fanny Dumpling, and after their separation got re-married to Marta Margarita. Directly after their wedding, Harry engaged in a bloody duel with rival hobo Sloppy Joe, which resulted in Sloppy Joe's death. Hobo Harry, in fear of having the reputation of a murderer, took his own life by drowning himself in the Pacific Ocean.

The Four Winds[]

Harry was an important member of the hobo guild The Four Winds and held the crucial role of Westbound Hobo. Had a bitter rivalry with Four Winds arch-nemesis Sloppy Joe, who Harry eventually defeated.