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Honey DeVoe at twenty-three years old decided to travel to Los Santos to gain a sense of independence from her family in Texas. With a sweet southern drawl and a penchant for wearing cowboy boots and hats she seems like the stereo-typical girl next door. She can be found working behind the bar at the Monarch, the Vanilla Unicorn, or at the Yellow Jack Inn. When she's not hangin' out with her boyfriend Casey Jumper.

Biography Edit

Born in the DFW area to affluent parents Honey was the youngest child and the only girl. With three older brothers and a father all standing well over six-feet tall once she reached her teens gaining independence, let alone male friends, was nigh impossible. Which was why she decided to move to Los Santos with the caveat that she keep in frequent contact with her family back home.

When asked about what she did before coming to Los Santos she merely says she worked in the "family business". If pushed she'll reluctantly add that the business was heavily involved in import/export. But beyond that she says little. Honey was vetted by Emmet Bickowski as a possible member for his crew but due to personality conflicts and a strong independent streak she decided to remain as an outside associate only.

Family & Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Honey's family all currently resides in the DFW, Texas area.

Relationships Edit

Honey is currently dating Casey Jumper whom she met at the Vanilla Unicorn shortly before he was sentenced to Bolingbroke Penitentiary for the attempted murder of Nelson Wylde, “The Narrator”. They met again when Honey served a short stint in Bolingbroke halfway through his prison sentence and renewed their acquaintance after Casey was released. They quickly realized a mutual attraction and Honey moved in with Casey in Paleto where they now live. Both have complicated pasts which drive their current actions and give them an unexpected connection despite what might seem like an odd pairing to outsiders. Casey ended up serving a second term in Bollingbroke for the attempted murder of Randall Parks; an incident that occurred prior to Nelson Wylde. Honey waited for Casey while he served out his sentence and they are continuing their life together while dealing with the changes that two long term prison sentences have affected in Casey.

Honey went home over the Christmas Holidays for what was supposed to be a quick visit. However her father demanded she remain home under his control. Honey messaged Casey telling him she loved him but that until she could resolve the situation with her family that she thought it best that they end the relationship. She didn't want to keep Casey back from finding someone he could be with in Los Santos. Her heart is broken at the split but she knows it's best.

Medical Conditions Edit

Honey is a Type 1 insulin dependent diabetic and wears a medic alert bracelet at all times.

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