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Hugh Mann is a good ol' boy with a nice southern accent. Hugh currently works as a Sergeant with the Department of Corrections.


Hugh grew up in a small town in Georgia. As a child, he grew up with an abusive family and was beaten and in fear of actually reporting the abuse to any person. He hid the bruises and scars while in public places. After suffering abuse into his pre-teen years. Hugh finally told someone about the abuse and was left in the custody of his grandfather. After being given custody he was taken to live at his grandfather's farm. He spent the next few years on the farm doing chores and learning to live life without fear of being beaten. A few years down the road Hugh's grandfather fell extremely ill. After going to the doctors and a few hospitals his grandfather was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. His grandfather suffered through 3 years of chemotherapy and medicine, though it did nothing to heal him. Hugh's grandfather, while on his deathbed in the hospice home, gave Hugh his life savings with one condition: to go make a new life for himself. Hugh spent a bit of the money on a one way ticket to Los Santos.