The Hunter Legal Group Corporation (colloquially "HLGC" or "Hunter Legal Group") is the largest legal group in the State of San Andreas and City of Los Santos. Considered a monopoly, the Hunter Legal Group must operate in conjunction with the rest of the Department of Justice including providing public defenders when needed and participating in other pro-bono work. It has a close relationship with all members of the Department of Justice which has allowed it to become the monopoly that it is today.

Founded in 2017, HLGC is owned by Maya Hunter and Chloe Beale; both of whom hold a 50% ownership stake in the corporation of the maximum amount of stock the corporation is allowed to disperse. As such, Partners, Junior Partners, and Associates aren't offered stock options and are effectively paid on commission,

For HLGC, which has been headquartered in Los Santos since 2017, their hallmark cases are to be watched by all citizens: The People of the State of San Andreas vs. Freddy Price, The People of the State of San Andreas vs Frank Murdock, and The People of the State of San Andreas vs.Jeffery Conners. All three cases are being pursued as Capital Punishment cases.

The final acceptance of a case then isn't mandated by the Department of Justice falls to Chloe Beale. If she rejects the case, an HLGC lawyer is still welcome to take on the case but can't use HLGC resources for that case. For persons considered dangerous by Beale, Maya Hunter will decide with the same conditions applying. HLGC may request LEO fast tactical response support to ensure the safety of both Hunter and Beale when meeting clients using advanced communications systems likely unknown to anyone in Los Santos that doesn't have a technology background.

Foundation for a Monopoly


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