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Introduction []

Irvines' Auto Emporium is a used automobile lot on Route 68 run by the brothers Bobby and Robby Irvine.

Biography []

Located on Route 68, Irvines' Auto Emporium aims to provide affordable used car and motorbikes to the citizens of Los Santos. Bobby recruited Dante to the company, while his Robby brother was MIA and for someone else to help out at the car lot. Although Robby did return not to long after.

After getting tired of working on the lot, having earned an impressive amount of money. The Irvine's decided to close up shop, and auction off their remaining stock of vehicles. The brothers then jetted off to Mexico to enjoy their retirement.

Eight months later, having squandered their retirement fund, Bobby returned to Los Santos to reluctantly re-open the lot. Robby followed suit and also returned f ew weeks later.


The sales lot located on Route 68