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Jaclyn Hayes is a 26 year old secretary and assistant from Liberty City.


Jaclyn Hayes was born and raised in Liberty City as the only child. Her father was a well known defense attorney, whilst her mother was a retired kindergarten teacher.

Jaclyn wanted to follow her fathers footsteps when it comes to justice. She wanted to become a prosecutor and started studying Criminal Justice at St. Matthias University and got a Master degree. In 2014, she got hired at her fathers law-firm as a secretary and assistant and was working there for about 5 years.

Her parents passed away in a terrible car accident in 2018. Jaclyn was set to take over the law firm in 2019, but instead decided to move to Los Santos and start a new chapter in her life. She sent an email to Commissioner McBride about wanting to work as a secretary at the SASP.

When she first moved to Los Santos she took a job as a taxi and tow truck driver where she quickly got to know a lot of new faces. Not long after, she got contacted by Commissioner McBride for an interview and got hired as a secretary at Mission Row.

In her first weeks at Mission Row Jaclyn started a relationship with new coworker Sergeant Jaden Thomas who left his long term boyfriend Major Robert Beck for her. Shortly after Sergeant Thomas bought Jaclyn a $315k Enus Windsor Drop she left the city.