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Jadyn Caesar was an African American man who sold Marijuana in the Stawberry/Davis area. He was a former member of The Tribe and now The Grove Street Family.


Jaydn was recruited to The Tribe, until he left. He joined then The East Side Dragons. Like most other members of the ESD this later resulted in him joining The Grove Street Family. For a short time in the end of December 2018 and the beginning of 2019 he was leading the daily operations of Grove, due to leader Jack Jackson and right hand Archie Cooper not being around for a while then.


After growing resentment towards The Grove Street Family and its leadership due to the lack of member presence, Jadyn finally snapped during a conversation with Archie Cooper and Jack Jackson on the Grove Street cul-de-sac. Jadyn, at the end of the conversation, brought up his agitation with the gang and declared that he "wants out" along with AJ Thomson. Due to Jadyn's attitude and raised voice, Jack promptly drew his sawed-off shotgun and shot him point blank in the lower chest. Jadyn and Archie, who was shot twice by a local gang member's 9mm, was brought to Pillbox Medical by Captain Legs Macready where Jadyn was declared dead by on-site doctors at 12:02 a.m. on January 15, 2019.

Known Killings (and Involvements In)[]

Known Killings[]

  • Alex Casey: Shot as ordered by Jack and Archie for betraying Grove with the help of Chuggs and AJ Thomson.
  • Spyder: Executed him after several warnings to not rob people in the south.
  • Chung Wei: Drive By on him, after Wei robbing a Vagos member in the south before.
  • Anthony Oblesko: Shot with AJ Thomson for trying to escape out of the car, when they wanted to have a talk with him about him not having paid up for the Chop-Shop.