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Jake "Shanghai Dragon" Liu was born in Shanghai to parents Liu Zhao and Liu Yifei. Jake is currently the "Dragon Head" of the Los Santos Triads, a subset of the notorious 14K


The Liu family lineage can be traced all the way back to the Han Dynasty. Jake grew up as an only child due to the Chinese one child policy. 

Jake's father currently resides as one of the highest-ranking members of the notorious 14K Triad, based out of Hong Kong, China. 

During his youth, he was a reckless child, often up to no good at Boarding School in Hong Kong. This is also where he gained his Welsh accent, as his English Language tutor was a Welshman. 

Into his teenage years, Jake was trusted with knowing more and more about his family lineage and the family business. Jake was no stranger to seeing  14K members in his house so it came to no shock that his family was involved in the life too. Jake was quick to learn how to keep his reckless nature, while also being able to cover his tracks after being personally mentored by the Vanguard, Wei Cheng. Jake would bar-tend at a prominent Nightclub in Shanghai in order to obtain information from drunken patrons who may spill more information than they intended to.  

Jake was progressing well under the leadership of Wei Cheng until Cheng was given the offer to organise the Los Santos Triads in 2010. Jake kept in contact with Cheng until 2013 where contact was mysteriously cut. 

Unfortunately, he was not able to travel to Los Santos to investigate due to the fact that the 14k were sending support, including Jake, to San Francisco to help out the Wah Ching Triads in a war against the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13). It was during this time that Jake got his first set teardrop tattoos. 

War with MS-13[]

During the war, Jake had proven himself to be an astute tactician and was able to turn the war in favour of the Wah Ching and 14K. During this time Jake alone was forced to murder 5 MS-13 members along with 3 Police Officers. An ambush from MS-13 members during a meeting with some members of the local "West Mob." turned the situation sour.  Luckily both groups were packing automatics of various calibres and were ready to fight. After the MS-13 revealed themselves, Jake and his fellow 14K members were able to clear out the MS-13 members with relative ease. 

Police arrived at the scene shortly after shots stopped being fired and they were able to surround the immediate area containing the surviving 14k and West Mob members. Jake and 3 other members broke off to sneak through the police blockade to flank the officers. The move was a success and the small group were able to take down 4 officers, with 3 officers dying of their wounds either at the scene or in hospital. With the still standing Police officers distracted by gunfire coming from multiple angles, the two groups were able to take advantage of the Police's disarray and made their escape.

Jake was not positively identified during the entire gunfight and was able to continue leading the war effort. After the heat died down, to commemorate the situation Jake got permission from his "Shan Chu" to get a full back tattoo of a dragon spewing fire with 5 licks of fire coming off the main source to commemorate the 5 MS-13 members he killed.  Jake also got 3 teardrop tattoos on his right cheek in reference to the three Police Officers he killed.

After 3 years of war, an agreement was eventually made with MS-13 and the war was settled.

Arrival in Los Santos[]

After achieving the role of "Sin Fung" or "Vanguard" in the 14K Triad on his return to Shanghai, Jake was immediately handed the task of establishing a set inside Los Santos due to the lack of a Triad presence in the city and due to his fine work in San Francisco. Here he was able to make use of the Triads' previous foothold in the city to utilise some of the criminal underworlds already existing to earn some quick cash. He also got hired on as a bartender at Monarch as a way for him to cover his illegally earned cash.

Played By: blueb1rd
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